When you are preparing for the birth of your new child, you are expected to make the necessary provisions for where your baby will sleep, what he or she will eat, what or play with.

One of the most important aspects of these preparations is basically your newborn baby’s sleep area.

Within this space, you are required to have some important items to ensure that your baby is safe, comfortable and well-taken care of.

Some items which are a must-have in your baby’s nursery include;

  1. Crib or Baby Bassinet:

Your baby’s nursery is incomplete without a baby crib or bassinet. It is also one of the most important must-have items that you need in your baby’s sleep area.

When shopping for a new baby crib or bassinet, you have to ensure that it is safe by having an easy to use drop-down lock system.

The crib you pick should be made out of sturdy, durable and quality materials.

Also, the mattress for your baby’s crib should be firm and not too soft, to reduce and lessen the risk of suffocation.

Your baby’s crib should be free of all extra attachments such as stuffed toys, pillows, extra bedspreads, or blankets that can suffocate your baby when they move about.

When your baby’s mattress is inside the crib, the space between your baby’s mattress and crib frame should not be able to fit in more than two fingers.

Ensure that the frame of your baby’s crib is of the right width, to prevent your newborns head from getting stuck in between.

Do not place your baby’s crib directly under a window or an air vent so that the crib remains at room temperature.

If you choose to buy a baby bassinet, then it should be made out of lightweight material and also surrounded by fine mesh walls that allow for maximum air circulation.

  1. Baby Bodysuits (Short and long sleeves)

Your baby’s clothing should be made out of organic and natural materials such as organic cotton and wool, that are free from any sort of chemicals, pesticides or additives during the manufacturing process.

This important because your baby’s skin is delicate during the first few weeks and also very prone to absorbing any of such chemicals that may cause skin reactions and irritations.

Your baby’s clothing should be soft and of the right fabric to keep your baby warm throughout and also ensure that the diaper is in place.

  1. Diapers: your baby’s diapers should be

of the right weight, fit and materials to ensure that is comfortable and free from all leaks.

  1. Baby Wipes: you need to buy alcohol-free baby wipes that is soft and thick that gently cleanse and moisturizes your baby’s face, hands or buttock in between nappy changes.
  2. Changing Mat: your baby’s changing mat should be safe with raised sides to prevent your baby from rolling, convenient in moving about and waterproof with an easy to clean surface to prevent germ or bacterial buildup.